Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gosh darn right it’s a….

….crazy busy week!
No sooner do I get all the pictures up and what not and thinking that I would give the ole paws a break do I hear the snickery, sneaky pitter patter of paws in the Attic…a brand spanking new fiendie was making its self known. 
So I grab up paper, pencil, material, and thread….the whole nine yards. I am making good progress and….
…then life kicks into overdrive! And just when I think I can get a sec I hear the siren call of someone needing something somewhere right Now!! 
Therefore I am happy to say that the new fiendie has joined the ranks and is itching to meet everyone.

That, and this past Tuesday I had for some reason gotten it into my head that I had Writing Group.  As a result I thought I would whip up something that I could wear. But what? Decisions, decisions….
Therefore I came up with what I’m wearing in the following pic.
(Side note: I whipped up the hoodie in record time (drawn, cutout and sewn on and still had time to make dinner) only to have a “D’oh!!” moment… realized that did not have Writing Group till… this week!! But hey, I do have a pretty sweet new hoodie though!!)

 This little cutie finds about everything, even an Eels video, funny. That's why she has found herself in Stitches!  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

…through night and day and in and out of a week…

…at long last they are here!!
I had so had the best intentions of just finishing up what fiendies
I had started on but then this that and the other kept popping up and so
I kept sewing and sewing much to the discomfort of my hands but hey
once the critters came creeping who was I to stop them. Heck one is
banging around right now for their chance to come out and play. And
I would love to let them but the thing of it is it would be one of my more
challenging creations yet and that is saying something seeing as I
thought a few of these little guys gave me quite the creative workout as it is.  

And so, without further ado I am pleased to introduce to you,
 The Toys in the Attic!!

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Hail! Hail! The gangs all here!! And taking over my desk!!
But really don't mind... too much if it was not for Globblee gooing up the place that is!! 

Of course  Globblee heads straight for the pantry for a "little" midnight snack!!

Vinc is checking out the stacks and planning his day or would it be night (?) ahead of him with a nod and wink to another Heather ( 

Olly is looking to get wet. 
It was a doomy and gloomy kinda day when Cloud came rolling into our lives and yet we could not but help to smile when he did. Wonder why that is...? 
Since I had nothing better to do (Te he!) I whipped up a new cell phone cozie.  

Previous cell phone eating critter...I mean cell phone cozie.  

And Batley is just hanging around.

Well...that is everyone, for now.
Hope you all enjoyed seeing the gang as much I had bring them to light.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ggrr!! Aarrggg!!

Am SO not a happy camper right now!!
The most recent critter to creep out of the darkest corners of the Attic is all put together, stitched up and just looking for a little filling out.
So I braved the cold, damp and gloomy night to face the madness that is our friendly neighborhood Wally World only to find out that they have been sold of Polyfill since this past weekend!!
What the…?!?!
What?! Was there a run on the stuff?  Is it akin to some polysynthetic spun white gold?? Has a rash of pillow making frenzy struck the populace??
Whatever the case maybe and barring the two other big stores, and considering one is a grocery and the other a clothing store, magically start carrying Polyfill over night I guess that means I’m going to have to slog across town so that I’ll be able to fill my fiendly friend up.
Well…I do have an idea brewing in the back of my brain that will keep me on pins and needles till bedtime.
Best be getting to it before I have to put my little pumpkins to bed. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"There come such a bump...."

So…hey hi!
This is me.
Some of you out there may know me as Heather and yet off to the side it says Bruyère, which for those of you who may not know is French for heather and well, I just kinda of like it because it is unique and different, kind of like me.

So here lately I have been somewhat at a loss as to what do with myself.
Here in November of this past year I wrapped up taking classes towards my BA which was a huge feat considering the crazy insane life I have. I’m only teaching one day a week and only for a few hours. I have gone on a few interviews which I think, feel have gone fairly well and yet nothing has panned out.
          It was while running around the house the other day trying to do the millions of things I have to do and doing them all simultaneously before everyone gets home at the end of the day subsequently setting everything back on its ear and me back to square one in the “keeping everything tidy” department that’s when I hear it (not really. I’m not completely mental… not yet at least).  A very so slight slinking, bumping and fluttering noise. I just kinda shrugged it off and yet an idea had come to me…
            This past fall in the midst of the insanity of classes, my own kiddies, household duties and teaching five days a week I had this rather “brilliant” idea that I would hand sew some felt foods for my nieces for Christmas seeing as I had already given one a set for her first birthday so why not add to it?
Oh boy!!
I was at first taken aback and intimidated by all the shear work and such fine details the patterns (Oh yes!!!!) called for. Once I got stated though I had to pace myself! I was really enjoying the whole process of creating these wonderful little foods (and oh my were they little!!) out of nothing and even though it pushed my sewing skills and my poor already overtaxed mind I also found it rather relaxing.
….I would draw/design some foods myself and then make them.
To get some inspiration I went online. Uumm yeah, no….not such a great idea after all as I was starting to spend more and more time looking and going, “Yeah, I would love to make that but…” or “Why is this one pattern starting to look so very familiar?”  
In the end though I went to my desk and found some paper that was not totally covered in notes, drawings and my girlies’ “artwork” and set about drawing up a pancake, two pats of butter, one semi-melted the other not, and some syrup.   
I had them made up in no time flat seeing as I wanted to start simple to see if I could take a thumb nail sketch to fully actualized in felt.  Sure enough I could and yet I was not a totally 100 and 10 percent pleased with the outcome of the pancake, was even asked if it was to be a bun! So, I sat them aside on my desk (only to find them “missing” later in the day) when I heard “the noise” again. I got to poking around my desk when at last I found the source of the disturbance.
It was critters I had drawn seemingly ages ago(!) that I had “stashed” in the “attic” and they were clamoring to see the light of day.
            Therefore, I got out paper, pencils, pins, needles, thread and what seemed like yards and yards of felt and I feverishly got to work.
I’m sure everyone in the household must of thought I had gone monetarily mad as I had things scattered hither and yon thorough out the house but I was busy, happy and most of all excited that my freaky yet friendly fiends were getting a glimpse of light that they so longingly yearned for and deserved at long last.  
At this point in time I have brought to life three of the fiendies that were bumping around in my attic (and am glad to say that they have been withstanding some rough and tumble company namely my kiddos!) and a fourth is in the works.
When all is said and done and if no one is too camera shy I will let the Toys in the Attic come out to play.
Till then, I best be going to see what all the racket is about in the other room!!